Oscar LaDell is a singer, songwriter and guitarist based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia whose Indie-Soul sound is characterised by an undeniable, powerful voice and raw, vulnerable lyricism. Hailing originally from the USA, LaDell grew up in Purakaunui in the South of Aotearoa. Drawing from the moody and poignant scenes of his home, LaDell writes, plays and sings with incisiveness and depth. With his band The Earth Tones, Oscar’s live shows blend  swaying grooves with dynamic storms of guitar and organ, all tied together by his magnetic voice. 

Oscar’s musical journey began in his early teens when he took up the harmonica after developing a deep obsession with blues and soul music. From there, he cut his teeth performing blues songs in bars with his father Leo and later with his Ōtepoti-based band Hoot. As Oscar’s musicianship has matured, his taste has widened and he has developed into a deeply emotive songwriter with an ear for hooks. Oscar LaDell blends influences that are rooted in Blues, Folk, Soul and Jazz with relatable, emotionally honest lyrics and catchy melodies into a unique lyrical sound, giving the impression he is speaking directly to each and every listener.